‘Moving’ ‘Vibrant’ ‘A reminder that tapestry is a supremely effective narrative form.’
Phillippa Swann, Crafts magazine

‘Impressive on account of its diversity and technical virtuosity.’ ‘Beautiful and intriguing.’
Jane Norrie, Arts Review

‘Dramatic design’; ‘strange, arresting effect’; ‘came through with flying colours.’
Peter Collingwood, Crafts magazine

‘Soroka shows a sureness and strength’; ‘ the artist is in perfect harmony with her challenging medium.’
Anna Babinska, art magazine


Clare Henry, the Glasgow Herald

‘Joanne Soroka’s work is distinguished by a subtle beauty’
Murdo Macdonald, the Scotsman

‘A treat’, ‘fascinating’, ‘daring’
Henry Lehmann, Montreal Gazette

Adrienne Clarkson, former Governor General of Canada

‘The highlight of the show’
Moira Jeffrey, the Glasgow Herald

‘These tapestries are the work of a sensitive artist who is in harmony with and in complete control of her medium.’
Virginia West, Aura

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