At Ivory Tapestries, we have worked with galleries, architects, interior designers, shopping centre managers, executives, private individuals and even civil servants. Our clients get the work of art they want, one that enhances the chosen space and says something about their company, their chosen theme or themselves. We always meet our deadlines (approximately three months for a large tapestry). We are happy to work with you to design something to your specifications and budget.

We provide you with sketches and sample weaves following your instructions, and we don’t start on the project until you are completely happy.

Tapestry Price
4 warps per inch (coarse weave) £180 – £220/square foot
6 warps per inch (medium weave) £220 – £270/square foot
8 warps per inch (fine weave) £270 – £320/square foot
10 warps per inch (very fine weave) £320 – £360/square foot
Textiles from £300
Paperworks from £250
Design fee 10%. Other prices on application.
VAT is not applicable. Delivery within the UK included.


‘Edinburgh Castle’ hangs in the boardroom of Baillie Gifford and Co, Scotland’s largest firm of investment managers. It was commissioned along with a second tapestry for the company’s new headquarters in Rutland Square, Edinburgh.

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